Friday, January 23, 2004

you can call me al...

I just won Scrabble for the second night in a row. It was another close game though, with the contested word "zoner" allowing me to win the game.

From the NY Times, this is the country we live in:

On Thursday night, only the Rev. Al Sharpton disagreed with the assertion by the other candidates that gay marriage should be left for the states to decide.

"I am unilaterally opposed to any civil or human right being left to states' rights," he said. "That is a dangerous precedent. I think the federal government has the obligation to protect all citizens on a federal level." He added, "If we start going back to states' rights, we're going back to pre-Civil War days, and I think that that, in its nature, is wrong."

In asserting that he was not out of the mainstream on social issues because his state had approved civil unions, Dr. Dean noted: "We chose not to do gay marriage. We chose to do civil unions. I think that position, actually, is very similar to Dick Cheney's, who thinks every state ought to be able to do what they want."

Why do I, why do you like Dean so much? Vernon God Little! Maybe Pierre's criticisms are right? WTF?

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