Thursday, February 19, 2004

I got home a short time ago to find that all of nick-nacks in the hallway outside our door had been moved out of the way and stacked in a pile at the end of the hall that says: "Do something with this stuff." This would have been particularly obnoxious on any day, but coming the day after I confronted my landlord about someone stealing our mail, it seems not only obnoxious but antagonistic.

About that stolen mail. I got two cards on Valentine's Day. The first one from grandma had tape sealing the envelope. The second one from my mom was an envelope without a stamp, without a postmark, and written in a handwriting that is not my mom's. I called my mom to find out if she sent it without a stamp and had someone else write the address. She wrote the address, put two stamps on it, and mailed it in a red envelope. It arrived in a white envelope. A little fishy sounding? Damn fucking straight it is, even more fishy when you know that we are the only tenants in the building. The only other people that have access to the mail is the family who lives downstairs, who we rent our floor from. Only someone that has access to the inside of the house would be able to go through the mail.

Dara said that she had not recieved two cards from her family when I asked her if she thought it was fishy, and that she had told her parents to start sending her mail to her work address. Now, this is totally fucked up that we can't even recieve mail at the house where we live without worrying about it being opened, or not even recieving it altogether. Never do we have trouble recieving our bills, Dara her parking tickets, or any of the other things you don't want to recieve in the mail, yet things that look like they might contain money have trouble reaching us. So, I called Iris when I got home from work last night, telling her that I needed to talk to her, that it was very important. She called me back, and I told that we had a problem. Told her what it was, and that I wanted to show her what I was talking about. Shortly thereafter, her and her elderly mom came upstairs. I showed them the envelope without a fucking stamp or postmark (come on, you idiot, obviously this did not go through the mail system) - and they distracted me with stupid stories about how occasionally they don't get their own mail, or how maybe the people across the street got it by accident.

While I was talking to them, I had the envelope in a ziploc bag. I think this freaked them out a little, and Iris offered to hold on to it and ask the mailman about it. I said no, that that was fine, if they did not know what was going on, that I would just take it to the post office and file a tampering complaint, and see if maybe they can figure it out. She made a couple more offers to ask the mailman with the letter. I rebuffed it more times, insisting I was going to go file a complaint, and she went downstairs, and I went back in my apartment to watch The OC without resolving the issue, but at least getting it off my chest, and opening a dialogue about the issue.

So you can understand why I was annoyed when today was the day they decided to stack up all our crap in the hallway. This would annoy me anyways because we live on the top floor, no one is marching through our hallway to get to their floor, who fucking cares if we have a couple mirrors and drawers in the hallway?

But, there are enough positives right now to distract me from this, or at least distract me for the most part. First, where I was coming home from when I saw the hallway shit was my first day of an "internship" at Lamda Legal. The internship term is theirs. I think it is more like volunteering since it is only four hours a week, but if they want to call it an internship, neither I nor my resume minds. It is basically just filing all their donor information. There was an insanley huge stack of papers that needed to be filed, I got through them all, and Sam was speechless (in a not kidding way) when I said that I finished filing everything and that I was going to go home. "You filed all of those?" And he looked, and I had, and he seemed genuinely shocked.

And to distract me further, I am leaving right now to go consume wine at galleries with Beth and Chris, and then after that I am going to go rock the fuck out to Breaker Breaker, Young People, and and and THE GOSSIP!!! And for free, no less! Look out world, here I go. PS- Don't fuck with me. I don't put up with crap anymore, not ever.

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