Saturday, February 7, 2004

Really, there was no reason to go out to Opaline after getting trashed at the Gen-R-8 opening, and really I am wondering if there is really ever a good reason to go to Opaline. There's a cover, there's silly music, and cheesy gay guys, but sometimes, in fact a lot of times when I am drunk, I want to do nothing more than dance.

So I danced all night long, talked to so many people and remember none of it, a blur of bodies encountered, lost Joe at some point, and then left to go home, walked to the L, only to find out that it is shut down again this weekend. So, insanely drunk, I hiked to Union Square to catch the 6 to the JMZ, and in the course of the hike, I got two slices of pizza (not at the same place) and bought a can of V8 that I dropped in Union Square. I ran into Bibi on the platform, talked to her, and hoped that I didn't throw up.

The two GAS openings that I have gone to have been insanely crowded. Last night, there was a line to get in the place, and then once in, there was really no way to look at any of the pieces since it was packed wall to wall with people waving wine glasses around, talking, and checking out the other people waving around wine glasses and talking. I really wanted to see Bill Morrison, to see what the man looks like, but I had enough trouble just finding his video in the mass of people. The show included Decasia, which I recently saw at the Maya Stendhal gallery, and it was right at the entrance, but no one knew this. An intern working there did not know anything about the video when I asked about watching it in whole, saying that she thought it was just a constant loop and did not matter where you started watching it. Before this conversation, I asked a few people if they knew where the video was, and no one knew. I asked the people selling catalogs and serving wine. They did not know. I asked a woman laminating bugles (the snack food) and she did not know. It's said that no one goes to gallery openings to look at the art, which is usually true to some extent, but last night was a pretty egregious display of this maxim. Don't get me wrong. I love hanging out with tres chic people and drinking nice free wine and eating fancy cheese. I'm just saying.

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