Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Seth Coen, yes, I still love you and think you are dreamy. In tonight's episode of The O.C., there was mention of his love of Death Cab, and he was talking about how good Chabon's The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay is. He's literate and cute! Even if it is a book that everyone and their mom has read. Seriously, is there another teen drama where characters talk about contemporary fiction? Forget teen drama - how about any sitcom at all? No, there's not, and that is why this show is so amazing. In addition to all the incestuous drama that we have come to expect from high school dramas since 90210, it also has references to fiction and "hip" music. Oh, it is so good!!! (Count 'em. That is three exclamation points to emphasize this show's goodness.)

Normally, I am prevented from watching this sinfully good show because of my work schedule, but today, I called in sick, did nothing, and spent my evening indulging in teen-oriented tv. For those of you keeping tabs, I am feeling better. My throat is still kind of sore, however.

TV can be so good and so bad. It has been a long time since I watched it, but there was a commercial for Axe cologne that involved reference to Spanish Fly, and it had a skinny lad getting lucky with two hot chicks, and an old dude scoring with a hot chick and then croaking, two worms in his grave forming a heart. That was bad. And appearantly minstrel humor is okay again?! What in the hell is Showtime thinking? Queer Eye is a show that I find mildy amusing but also find obnoxious for the way that gayness is camped up for humor. But this "Make Me Cool" is a totally different level of offensiveness. Can we stop it before it starts?

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