Saturday, February 21, 2004

Of course tonight would be the night that I would run into a bunch of people I know at galleries, a bunch of people I have crushes on. Tonight is the night that the people I was supposed to meet at galleries all flaked out, and I ended up wandering around by myself until Joe made his way there an hour and a half later. At one the Robert Longo opening, I ran into Josh. Later, I ran into Kevin. I finally met up with Joe and ran into Kevin at another gallery. He told me to call him if I went to Broolyn galleries later. That a boy liked me made me so excited. You know that new Liz Phair single. I was fucking breathless.

I bought a pizza and some beers, went over to Peter's, conumed both with him and his roommate, Gina, listened to various radio classics, and then went out to Metropolitan with Peter, where I ran into Kevin for the third time tonight. Talked to him and his cute friends. Talked to his cute roommate Matt, who I think likes me. And both Kevin and Matt inflated my ego, telling me that I should hang out with them every weekend, that I am fun. I am superficial, and yes, like it a lot when "cool" people tell me things like this, make me feel also "cool". I left. They were both sad. That made me feel really nice to have people I just met (Matt, at least) care that I was leaving. Matt is really cool and I am about to develop a crush on him. I talked to him a lot about his art group and was a little critical. Kevin told me about two famous people he hung out with that I did not know about, some people associated with the Whitney. I did not tell him that I had no clue who these "famous" people were.

Tomorrow, two shows. Jaymay at nine, and then the motherfucking Gossip at eleven. Uh uh uh. Dance to this. I bought a carton of milk for one twenty five. It will go on my cereal tomorrow morning.

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