Sunday, February 22, 2004

I love it when a boy that you like calls you and leaves a message, however banal, however message-like on your answering system. Today, while at work, I recieved two messages from Kevin, asking me to go to some film event with him tonight. I played the messages a few times, giddy, listening to his voice over and over again. My ear pressed to the phone as if that could possibly make the moment more exciting, while a grin that could never be suppressed spreads ear to ear, and I laugh, and don't notice the traffic, the city, its pedestrians, any of it. I am somewhere in this phone, imagining the message being said, him, his lips moving, and yes, giddy. It has been a while, too long, since I have had messages that I played over again, getting giddy about them. I love this feeling. Please God, do not ever let me get mature.

Besides the fact that someone cool wants to be my friend at a time when I have been yearning for more friends, today is noteworthy for the reason that I won this CD. About which, I am more excited than is probably mentally healthy.

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