Sunday, April 4, 2004

an exercise in ethics i failed

Matt left a bag of tobacco here the last time he spent the night at my house. Friday night, when I was cleaning up, I thought about throwing the bag away, glanced into it, and saw a full bag of weed stashed in there. Now, was the ethical thing to do, to call Matt and let him know that he had forgotten that at my house and offer to return it, giving me a vaild reason to talk to Matt, in which I would have been making a kind gesture? Or, should I have instead got stoned off my ass with friends who did not dump me for kissing a dog?

Do I really need to tell you which one I did? That I spent Friday night getting fucking wasted with Peter and Joe? That yesterday, I woke up and got weak-in-the-knees stoned before I went into the Strand, and did the same thing when I got off work? And I do feel slightly guilty about it, that I have done something wrong, something unethical - maybe even mean-spirited. But he never called to ask about it, never in fact, called at all, so his loss.

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