Friday, April 23, 2004

So last night, I went to Metropolitian with Peter, hung out on the patio, drinking beer, talking about wanting to go places other than Brooklyn, and looking up to see the beautiful grapevine that hangs over the patio start to sprout flowers. I started to gush to Peter about how I had talked to my crush, Evan, the day before. Then we go inside to get more beer and who is at the bar, shimmering in sparkly eye shadow? None other then the just discussed Evan, a boy who I have never seen out at bars, let alone my neighborhood homo bar. I was more than a little excited and gushed to Evan about God knows what.

While talking with him, I found out some really sad news though. Yesterday, one of my favorite co-workers, Jessica, was fired. I was sad and said soemthing like this, "Oh, that's really sad - she was my favorite person there." And Evan said something similiar and then scratched it, saying except for me, of course. And oh my god, I am so obsessed with this boy. But, Jessica. This breaks my heart - she was a short five days from being unionized - and moments like this, I really hate the Strand. Last time at work, one of the managers, MS, kept telling the other managers how they needed to write more employees up. This is also the same anti-union manager, who has been trying to convince people that it is because of the union and people's feeling of job security that merit raises aren't given out anymore. Er, what? I so want to punch this little man. I have yet to learn the circumstances of Jessica's firing, but I feel like this little imp must have been involved. I really don't feel like inflicting violence on people often, but this person is so deserving of it, and violence seems like such a nice fantasy when you are stuck in a powerless position (i.e. being his subordinate) and can't tell the person what a fucking douchebag they are and how stupid their facial hair looks. And yes, I did just say douchebag.

But, back to Evan and nice crush fantasies. When he was leaving, I talked to him some more, this time about what homo bars he frequents - and told him he should go to the Cock with me on Monday, and he said yeah and seemed excited. I am going to make this boy my friend. I am so excited. I heart new gay male friends. I crotch Evan. And that is a Jessica phrase - that is why I will miss her. I once asked her if she hearted a boy, and she said, No, I crotch him. How fucking cool! But yes, even though I had a shitty morning and day yesterday, due to nothing so much as my own lethargy, my night turned out all right - I read lots of The Waves, saw Kill Bill v.2, almost finished The Waves but then went out and got hammered and talked to a boy that makes me giddy.

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