Tuesday, April 6, 2004

So, you know how I predicted it was going to be a good day earlier this morning? Well, I am shelving books shortly after arriving at work, a big handful of these Marguerite Yourcenar memoirs, too big a handful to hold in my hand. The books drop to the floor. I pick them up and notice something has fallen out on to the floor. I start to ignore it, thinking that it was just dump crap, a bookmark or a postcard that had fallen out. But then I realize what I am glancing over. I spy a crisp twenty lying on the floor. The other man in the aisle is not paying attention at all and is absorbed in some book. I reach down and pick it up, and see that it is a few twenties. I count through them. One. Two. Three (outrageously excited at this point). Four (Shut the hell up - This stuff does not happen to me). And Five. One hundred dollars literally falls right at me, right during this time when I am wondering if I would be able to pay all my rent this week. I pocketed the money that some rich fan of Yourcenar left lying around in the books they sold to the Strand and was so happy. So many things aligned for that to happen. I am just imagining how had I not dropped that book, that money would just be sitting on the shelf forever, clamped in some book. What a struck of luck!

I found my nail clippers. I found money. And one of Kevin's homo friends wrote to me on Friendster. All in all, today has been a great day.

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