Tuesday, April 20, 2004

jumping through hoops

Walgreens called me yesterday after I dropped off my prescription. They need my doctor to call Aetna and expaling why it is medically necessary and pre-authorize the prescription. So this morning, I made calls to Walgreens and my doctor. I am still waiting to see how that goes.

I called Hunter today since I have not heard from them to check on the status of my application. There is a hold on my application. Oy, here we again. Doesn't this sound familiar? But wait, it gets better. The reason for the hold this time around is not because they don't know how to evaluate my transcript without grades, but because appearantly, unbeknownst to me, I attended four classes at Hunter in the Spring of 2002 and have not paid tuition for that semster. Well that is just great, considering I don't even think I stepped foot in the state of New York in the year 2002. I was utterly shocked when the admissions woman told me this. Then, I remembered that abandoned plan to go to school to Hunter that semster through National Student Exchange but deciding not to months before and taking that semester off. So then I had to talk to about four different offices, Registrar, Bursar, someone else, and then finally a helpful woman with a clue who explained to me that I was going to have to get the History and English departments to say that I was not in the classes that Hunter is trying to charge me for.

Then she collects those official letters that I still have to get them to write for me, mind you, and sends them to the Bursar, who then does something, who then sends that info along to the Registrar, who then does something, who then sends that along to Admissions, who then lets me into school - a process that the helpful woman estimated would take four to six weeks. So this Thursday, I plan on making as ass out of myself to the English and History departments at the school I hope to attend this fall, trying to explain to them this situation, and trying to get them to write these letters. But the good news is that the woman told me that I would be admitted after all this was taken care of - that all I needed to do was fill out a readmit form since appearantly I was already a Hunter student. Yeah, how about "The Swan", eh? Is that show sad or what?

I just ate a whole bag of M and M's.

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