Wednesday, April 14, 2004

My favorite band from when I was 17, Cake, is playing a show on the 24th with another one of my favorite bands, Mates of State. Is that going to be the most awesome show ever? Well, I just found out about it today and it is already sold out. I want to cry so bad. I have been wanting to see Cake play again so bad. I need to go to this show somehow. Who has connections at the Bowery Ballroom, huh?

And yeah, those of you real perceptive may be wondering how I am writing this if I am supposed to be at work. I called in sick today again, honestly not caring that I am only going to get paid about fifty dollars this week, because not eating seemed like a better option than going in to work today. So, I probably would not have had money to buy tickets anyways. Again, who has connections at Bowery? See you tonight at Hunter tonight?

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