Thursday, April 15, 2004

So, I am running late for my dermatologist appointment this morning, leaving myself about fifteen mintues to make it into the city and uptown, which is really not enough time at all. I am hurried, literally throw my discman, phone, and wallet into my bag and start trucking towards the subway. On the way there, I take out my discman and press play, and If You're Feeling Sinister starts playing. So not what I thought was in there, so not what I want to hear first thing in the morning. I resign myself to it and run towards the subway. I get to the subway turnstiles and reach in my bag for my wallet. I am hurried and can't find it. It is not there. Great. It is not there! My wallet is not there! I must have dropped it on the street fiddling with my discman!

I run out of the station, a total mess, way late for this doctor appointment and now retracing my steps, scanning the sidewalk, looking for my wallet, looking at all the people walking past me, wondering if any of them have already picked it up. A wallet just sitting on the street. Who wouldn't take it? So I am hurrying back towards my house, nervous that all these people have already walked past it, wondering if it will still be there, thinking it won't, worrying about calling all those credit cards, my bank, being without my metro card, my money. Life seems like it will be way difficult for a while. And then right on the corner of Keap and Grand, sitting blatantly open in the middle of the sidewalk is my lovely wallet. I ran towards it, so happy it was still there. Checked and all of its contents were still there also. Elated and really late at this point, I hear a ringing coming from my bag. I have a message. The doctor's office says that my test turned out fine and that I need to schedule an appointment to come in and start Accutane.

I look in my wallet and find the appointment card with their number on it that also says I have an appoinment today at 10:30. I call them. They don't have me scheduled they say, which I am fine with me since I would not have ever made it on time by this point and instead schedule an appoinment for Monday. And now I want to go back to bed, but have a dentist's appointment at three, have to find these stupid state tax forms and fill them out, and I supposedly have a date tonight with Friendster boy. We'll see how today actually turns out.

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