Saturday, October 23, 2004

Can you make me more disgusted with our country?

Serpico at Peter's. I went to the video store eager for old timey scary New York movies: The Warriors and Escape from New York. Both were checked out. I stood there, frustrated, ready to call the night a night before it had begun, too overwhelmed with choosing a selection. I had come determined to rent one of these movies. This was the purpose of the evening. I wandered around, not finding anything even remotely similar, frustrated and make awkward by how small the store is and how crowded it was and how everything is shelved by director. I spotted Serpico, which I remembered LOB talking about in her diary, and so got it to prevent a nervous breakdown in Reel Life. It was really that bad a situation. I wanted to cry because they didn't have the movies I wanted. It was a boring movie, which was all right because it meant that I didn't feel guilty talking over it to Peter, chatting into the morning.

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