Sunday, October 3, 2004

I am covertly updating at work while I man the information desk here at the Strand. The internet has been cut off at my house until we pay the 150 dollar bill from the past few months, and that brings up the item of money and my lack of it, which seems to occupy too much of my mental energy as of late. I made copies of my resume and tomorrow morning I am going to the temp agency. If I don't, you all have encouragement to beat the hell out of me. Dave, this is directed at you.

I have been listening to the Beatles all weekend because that is all Q104.3 has been playing in tribute of Scott Munie (sp?), one of their djs who just died. It has been making me so happy. I have been reading Vanity Fair, which has also been making me so happy.

I like being happy. Things that lead to this state: cute boys, Beatles, that sassy Becky Sharp, being sober, tea, Interpol, daydreaming about cute boys, imagining old men on the subway naked, my headphones, the weather that makes me appreciate my down blanket so much, the cold space between my body and my covers that is only overcome by snuggling, snuggling late at night and longing for boys of my past, thinking about what great fiction should be, thoughts of moving, loud music, soft fabrics, a clean sink, lonliness.

And these things should outweigh, should do so easily, stress about monetary matters, but I can admit, it is not always the case.

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