Saturday, October 9, 2004

Why didn't I think of this earlier? And, WTF? I am connected to him through Anna-Maria. Anna-Maria is friends with Hernan Bas! I am going to become his offical stalker.

Last night, I lay in bed feeling too drunk, that feeling where you feel like you will spew if you move too fast, or turn over on your side, where you are trying to stay as still as possible to prevent your belly from exploding vomit everywhere. But last night, I did not drink anything. No, I was drunk on cheese. I ate half a huge log of fresh mozarella for dinner with tomatos. And then as a pre-bed snack, I ate a half a tub of goat cheese. And man, let me tell you, I will not be doing that again anytime soon. I felt so ill. I also had had coffee way too late and so I almost had a panic attack when I forgot how old I was, when I said, "Wait, I am 23 right? Right? Wait, how old am I? Am I really 23? Yes! Ahhh, I am 23 years old. Oh my God, I am so old and at a point that I should be well beyond by 23! 23!" And then I was real sad and somehow managed to fall asleep, but did so thinking something had to be done.

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