Friday, October 1, 2004

nothing is going my way

Fuck this shit. Today is not going so well. I just wrote a terribly long entry here at El Stupido Times Square Internet Shithole, and this stupid computer logged me the fuckoff with like a ten second warning. I tried hitting post as fast as I could but it was not fast enough. This always infuriates me, the feeling of wasted effort, and not wanting to take the time to retell things. So here in outline format is what I wrote about:

-How on my way here, the subway was stopped in the tunnel because of an investigation on the track. A women went into a crazy relgious spell, had happy eyes.

-Happy eyes of children on subways. A young boy this morning. That Wordsworth quote: "The son is the father of the man." How I still don't understand it, how on the Brian Wilson's Smile album, there is a song called "Child is the Father of Man." Wonder, children's eyes, unguarded stares, how to reach that state, what happens to change it.

-Public Transportation. Riding the Staten Island ferry yesterday. Gorgeous, cloudy weather over the water. Staten Island thrift shops. Outrageous new clothes. Seeing things Bonnie would wear. Nostalgia. Nostaliga for high school, buying clothes that the type of person you want to be would wear. Willing change through purchases. Layout of Staten Island. A drive-thru Taco Bell. Absence of drive-thrus in New York. More thoughts of high school.

-Watched Debate with Beast, cheese, crackers, duck sauce, and good friends. Laughed a lot. Hole afterwards with Peter. On the way home, harrassed twice! Called faggots. Both times running back and asking the asshole what they just said. First time, two big burly guys that could have kicked my ass blindfolded demurred and said that they didn't say anything. Second time, drunken floozy had to be restrained by her friends as we yelled insults at each other on Second Avenue. But yeah, no taking shit. Raising that Queer Fist and shutting you up.

-That's when the computer ate it. Now, Post.

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