Friday, October 15, 2004

i dreamed a song called "up in the old tornado." megan's boyfriend was going to war.

I heard the expression dove gray lately, read it in some British novel I think, and the phrase was so perfect. I think of it today, looking outside at the dove gray sky, wanting to curl up in bed and read all day long, but knowing I can't, knowing that I have to go work in a short half hour, and also thinking how there will not be any of these lying in bed days for about a month. On my days off, I am going to be working at the Princeton Review for a few weeks, running tests through Scantron machines, doing this for fourteen dollars an hour, making money to help pay some bills. Tomorrow will probably be last day off until mid November.

I think it is supposed to be bleak weather tomorrow and that has me happy. My daytime will be spent doing nothing, maybe protesting, but probably not. Then some openings I am really excited about. Virgil Marti. Yayoi Kusama? (Or did that happen last night?) Then something to celebrate Niki's birthday, something that will probably not be the Faint since I think Christy is still in VA and the tix are in her name. I have to make tomorrow so special since it will be my last free day for a while, have to stand still and make it last.

Last night, I watched Gumnaam with Ethan at his place in Park Slope. Park Slope is beautiful. I think this everytime I am there, how nice it would be to live there. It reminds me of neighborhoods in DC, of even Alexandria a little. Tree lined streets, a dark night beyond the glow of streetlamps, no light haze from the city, from the BQE. I think someone shat/puked/pissed (all three) right by the entrance to my subway. It has smelled like an awful combination of all three right by the entrance to the Lorimer stop for the past few days. On the ride out to Park Slope on the Q, there was a homeless man passed out who smelled equally pugnent, so getting off at the subway stop, seeing trees, smelling them - God, I cannot tell you with what relief I inhaled the air there, thought about how much I do like clean air, respite. My mom bought me a plane ticket to come home for Thanksgiving and I am so happy, so excited, am basically holding my breath while I swim underwater to that side of the pool, will be so happy to come out and take in deep breaths.

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