Friday, October 29, 2004

The moon is full, or at least seems so. Last night was a lunar eclipse and it was beautiful. Today felt good despite the headache. Worked at Princeton Review, got out early, watched Cassevettes' Opening Night, and that is probably what this day will be remembered for. I could say so much about this movie but I also can't because there is so much to say. I am imagining how many college papers must have been written on this. The metaness, the feminism, the harmful effects of fiction on reality, and the neccesity of hope. Cassevettes' character playing Rowlands' character's wife in the play. Ahh, too much! So fucking good. And a ghost seventeen year old that seems so Lynch. This is the third movie I have seen of his and it has only excited me even more about him, his genius, art, and its potential.

Genius! Genius! Genius! That's my take.

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