Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another Saturday afternoon run-in with Matt on Grand Street. He was again friendly and again set my heart/penis/desire into motion, and I walked away from that interaction totally oblivious to everything going on around me. I told him he should come to the green party tonight. He seemed a little stung, and wondered if he had been purposefully uninvited since he hadn't heard about it. And it's very likely that that was the case since I know that Daniel hated him and his posse at his orange party. So hopefully, I did not just invite the people that were not supposed to be invited.

And even though I told him should come, which would mean that I was probably going, he still in a somewhat flirty (perhaps just friendly, but let me read into things) way said, "So you're definitely going? So if I go, I'll see you?" I heart Matt! Nothing new!

I saw him because I thought I would return to Domsey's after butchering the shorts I was going to wear in a very ill thought out plan to alter them and make them fit better. Domsey's did not have any green shorts that I wanted, so I am going to wear this other pair I got there this morning, just dark green mom shorts, also ill fitting, but this pair I will not take scissors to.

And since I am locking this entry so that Matt won't find out I am totally obsessed with him (because, you know, it's a big secret), I will also take this time to do the gloating I didn't want to in my last entry since Jillian reads those unlocked ones. But fuck yeah, I am so happy that she is moving out! She sent an email to me a couple days ago telling me she was going back to Florida for a while and would be out by July 1. That was such good news and both Adele and I were ecstatic that day when we found out. It is going to be so amazing not to live with some cold jerk of a person who NEVER talks to us (not even a hi coming through the door), who had a live-in boyfriend, who never took out the trash or cleaned, or anything. But even aside from all those messy jerky things, I could deal with all those, what I cannot deal with is tension and people not talking to each other and this negative energy that filled this space. That energy is already starting to lift. Jillian hasn't been here in a week since Adele gave her and Josh the stinkeye as they were coming out of the shower. And soon I will be free. Fuck fuck fuck YEAH!

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