Saturday, May 13, 2006

What a beautiful day. If you would like to experience it, download "Strawberry Letter 23" by the Brothers Johnson. That song was the soundtrack to my day, to my entire day. I downloaded it last night, listened to it this morning and then went on a long walk, walked through McCarren Park, through Greenpoint, all under an amazing blue sky. It was a gorgeous spring day, hot on the sunny side of the street and chilly on the shaded side of the street. Boys lying shirtless in McCarren Park, candy for my eyes. And this song, candy for my ears. I have been listening to this song looped on repeat all day long. It is still playing. I cannot get enough of this song. It's the perfect walking around town song.

I ran into Daniel on Manhattan Avenue outside of Dee and Dee where I bought some t-shirts. I walked with him up to the Thing, where I looked at records forever before coming home. I had a cup of tea and then went out again, another walk, this time with Adele, this time with the blue sky gone and ominous clouds hovering. We walked down Grand Street and were going to walk to the bank but it started sprinkling and so Adele dipped into Key Food and I kept walking, having brough my umbrella and needing to go to the bank. And it was that beautiful spring type of rain, really thick droplets, coming down really heavy, and sunshine still visible. People running for cover.

Matt was rushing down the street in a green t-shirt, worn, and turned inside out. I waved hi and he came up to me, under my umbrella, hugged me and told me I should come to his dance party tonight, the gay hip hop night at Alligator. He smelled a little of b.o. and it smelled so sexy and for that brief moment, he was close to me, a closeness neccesitated by the falling rain and his taking cover under my umbrella. If only it rained all the time and he was sans umbrella all the time. I am so smitten, but sadly, the rain has stopped. It stopped a couple years ago.

This song, though, has a repeat function and the joy is mine, all mine, until I decide I have had enough, which, at this moment, does not seem like it will happen anytime soon.

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