Wednesday, May 3, 2006

written last night, but lj was being stupid then

Because tonight was the third night in a row that I tried to rent
The French Connection, only to find it checked out, and because
I am bored, and because I will soon recieve a paycheck to justify it,
and because I already spend way more than the cost of this with the
frequency of my trips to video store, I finally joined the Netflix
crowd. It seems a bit silly since my roommate, Adele, is already a
member, but she watches movies far too slow and the same ones sit on
top of our tv for what seems like weeks, and so now, I am part of that
crowd too, and just wasted a nice amount of time adding and adding
movies to my queue, really excited about no longer having to walk all
the way to the video store only to find that the movie I wanted to get
is checked out.

Today at work, I transcribed a rountable discussion, three analysts
and a moderater discussing investments in educational companies. It
was pretty disturbing to hear people talk about things that are really
important in solely economic terms, and talking pretty gleefully about
how No Child Left Behind is ruining public school systems, allowing
for outsourced education when all these schools fail their mandatory
testing, and oh man, dark days ahead for this republic I fear when we
fail to deal with these things in a not-for-profit way. The
healthcare system and the prision industry are both perfect examples
of this, of how things that are in the public interest have been
outsourced to people who do shoddy jobs of the work in attempts to
maximize their profits. It was a fun discussion though, and surely
one of the more interesting ones I will get to transribe. Yesterday,
I transcribed an interview with a guy talking about the electric
industry and throwing around many terms I did not know, photovoltraics
for instance. I was there for five hours and typed thirty pages of
this conversation, forty minutes of an hour long talk. I really
wanted to finish today, but will do so tomorrow.

I don't really understand why this job isn't full time because it
seems that there is a lot that I could do, that both yesterday and
today, I was leaving abruptly at 3:30 in the middle of the work I was
doing because that's when I am supposed to leave. Maybe I can make
myself valuable enough to them that they make me full time. I don't
know. My eyes are beginning to hurt from little sleep and lots of
time in front of a computer screen. I couldn't even put my contacts
in this morning because my eyes rejected them, they stung at the touch
of the contacts, really sensitive from a change in sleep schedule,
which I am happy about. I like waking up early and am so glad that I
finally have a reason to.

After I get my paycheck, I also plan on buying a nice pair of sneakers
and am going to try to start waking up extra early and start jogging
before work. It is really nice to realize how much control I have
over the type of person I choose to be. I am finally approaching in
some ways the type of person I would like to be.

And oh yeah, the first movie in my queue is Wrestlemania 3. So fucking excited.

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