Sunday, May 7, 2006

Our living room is beautiful, a nice light, sandy color and looking at it, being in this relaxing space, comforted by the color of the wall, I wonder how it was that we ever had orange walls and how we had them for so long. Under what fog were Dara and I ever under to choose that color, and to be able to be happy with it? The space is a totally different space now, so much calmer.

Today is beautiful. I bought several books today at the Strand. Found a copy of Simon Schama's Citizens, which I had been meaning to get, for only a dollar. Also a copy of Bellow's Herzog. And I bought a copy of Roth's Everyman for my mom.

I came home, so happy from that exposure to the sun and for all these new books (even though, I have still yet to finish John Adams). Now I am drinking a nice Malbec and just bought more books on Amazon because I have no self control - a copy of Everyman for myself (since it is really cheap on Amazon) and Bolano's By Night in Chile. I am starting to have this habit of book acquiring again that I have worked so hard to kill, to only buy one book when I was done with the other, instead of stockpiling ones I want to read in the future, because nothing ever gets read this way. Um whatever, I am sure I will read most of them eventually.

The sun is shining. This Malbec is yummy. And Ethan is on his way over and we are to consume wine and play Scrabble on my roof. Oh yeah, and Al Green is playing. Today is perfect.

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