Thursday, May 11, 2006

"They should've been picketing Henry Ford," Mr. Gehry said today, dismissing critics who oppose high-density development in the borough. "There is progress everywhere. There is a constant change. The issue is how to manage it."
-New Design for Atlantic Yards Presented

Oh, Frank Gehry, how you need an undulating steel punch to the head. It's ugly. It's too big. So many things wrong with it just aesthetically. But a worse sin (and yes, there is something worse than an aesthetic sin) is its destruction of neighboring communities, of a feeling of neighborhoods, something so special and impossible to plan, worth more than gold.

The sky is cloudy. I just ate a disgusting amount of food and am thinking about taking a nap/going to bed.

I got my first paycheck today! Whoo! My boss also complimented my work and told me that she hopes I like the job and plan to stay. That felt really good.

I am listening to Toad the Wet Sprocket's "All I Want," an amazing song that sends me hurling backwards to past times, past lives when this song was played all the time, played from my mother's car radio, her minivan as she drove me here and there, or as I drove myself here and there in those years when I was of age to drive, and it is sending me hurling forward also, conjuring those same nostalgic dreams of the future (and yes, there is such a thing - that's not an oxymoron) that I had then, that I am having now.

I am going to the bank to deposit this check and to wake myself up so I am awake for the goddamnmotherfucking OC.

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