Saturday, May 20, 2006

I went to the post office and to the thrift store early this morning, found a silly pair of green booty shorts that I am glad I have an excuse to wear this evening, perhaps the only excuse I will ever have to wear them. I came home, let Peter in to get his stuff, chatted with him for a bit and then hugged him goodbye on the street as he headed back home to Austin.

Even though I only really got to hang out with him one evening, it was really nice, and I found myself laughing a lot more than I have laughed recently, being in his presence. I love that with some people, Peter for instance, whom I hadn't seen in something close to two years - you can again pick up where you left off fairly easily and talk over each other, and joke around and laugh. I for some reason find myself laughing more, enjoying myself more in these sorts of situations, wherein a friend from out of town is visiting, and the laughs are harder on my part perhaps because I know what I should always know, that the time with each of them is short. But it's short with everyone, even the people I see daily, and that's something I have to learn to keep in mind.

I cleaned my house and epoxied this piece of linoleum to the floor that was peeling up and feel like I have accomplished a bit in this day, considering it is just three o'clock.

My life is going so well these days. I have a job I like that doesn't require too much of my time. There are constantly movies I want to watch in my mailbox. I have books to read. The weather is getting nice. My house feels so much nicer to be in since we repainted it. And there will be more house changes soon that I think will bring more happiness to me. Jillian is moving out in a month or so, and Ethan is going to move in. I think it will be really nice to live with Ethan. I also will be moving into a larger room, which will also be nice. And even nicer is that my room will face the front of the house and I will no longer be woken up by the sound of barking pitbulls kept in a small cage. I will no longer have to scream SHUT THE FUCK UP, howl it like a crazy person to the night air. That will be very nice.

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