Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dinner and drinks with Adele, Ethan, and Niki last night, a sort of 424 Grand Street reunion. It was really nice. Afterwards, some bar in the East Village - lame. Metropolitan and karaoke. Robert was there. Mark showed up also. Talked to Robert for a bit, nice. Talked to Mark for a bit, also nice. Talked with Robert and a bit weird, talk about what both of us wanted and how they didn't really align. Robert left with some man I presume. I stayed and talked to Mark, eventually convincing him to come sleep over at my house. We got stoned and slept next to each other, him not wanting to do anything. It was really nice and also really frustrating. I like this boy so much and yet he is friends with this other boy. But I am supposed to go on a bike ride soon with him and he makes me really giddy and awkward.

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