Thursday, May 15, 2008

When I got home from doing errands, from again picking up a transcription foot pedal from work, I read the news about California, and cheered, felt great, that the we I am a part of had won something good, gay marriage. I thought back to years past, to Queer Fist, my being part of that, and the group's opposition to gay marriage, and regretted my views at that time. Not that I am planning on getting married, but it is justice and it is right, and I am really happy about this ruling. I only wish that the ruling would have happened in late November, that the issue of gay marriage is now going to be a campaign issue yet again. I felt something similar when Bowers vs. Hardwick was overturned a couple of years ago - a weird sort of joy, feeling as if wrongs were being righted, feeling that the system of American democracy is capable of fulfilling its promises, that the separation of powers and an independent judiciary are such beautiful things.

The weather is lovely again today. I am working at the theater again tonight and then tomorrow for that business magazine. Diego asked if I would be interested in going to New Orleans and I have been daydreaming about that for a bit today, though my schedule is probably too tight to go as I need to be saving money for my trip to Mexico in six weeks. I got into a confrontation with the person who runs my neighborhood park today finally, after being inconvenienced too many times by their failure to open all the corners of the park, often making me backtrack my route and adding several blocks to my trip to the subway station. She was outrageously hostile and defensive, told me that the gates have not often been locked as of late, disputing my claim, and when I pointed to their being locked now, all but one of the entrances, she said that she was busy doing paperwork and hadn't gotten around to it, this at noon. Apparently, I am dumb for thinking that a park should be open first thing in the morning to its surrounding neighborhood. Her surliness and disputation of facts led to me calling the city, which took my complaint. As I was calling to complain, after getting the park lady's name, they finally got around to opening up the park.

Even that did not spoil my mood. If anything, it made me feel better, that an issue that had been bugging me and really inconveniencing many people had been addressed. Kids have been hopping over the closed gates to exit, which are high and spiked at the top, definitely dangerous, and it was just so fucking maddening that anyone should have to either do that or walk two blocks over and then two blocks back again just to exit the park. But, yes, there is the weather, the park gates are now open, I have an interesting job to go to tonight, I am going to Atlantic City in a couple of days, things with boys are going well, there is good news on the other side of the country, and things could hardly be better.

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