Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring is here. Something about birds and bees, and the other day seeing couples making out in the park, I knew that that was connected to these newly green trees.

After watching the dance parade and hanging out in Tompkins Square Park, I took the subway home with Bri. On the subway, I ran into Robert - one-half of the couple I was supposed to have a threesome with. He told me that he had broken up for good with Michael last night and told me a bit about the theatrics of it. He also invited me over to his house for coffee. I suggested beer instead. We drank beers on his bed in our underwear. Robert is really charming, really attractive, and is someone I would like to be making out with regularly. Obviously, I feel a bit weird about having hooked up with him so soon after he broke up with Michael, who I had originally tried to hook up with. And certainly I am aware that maybe he wanted to beat Michael to the punch, that maybe he just wanted some validation, or that maybe he just wanted to wash away bad memories with some fucking, but really it did not seem to be that at all. It was incredibly tender and playful, was mostly hanging out like little boys talking about life and Brooklyn and art, grabbing each other's body parts just to hold them, not to initiate sexual activity.

The john from last night is pretty much washed out of my system. I just feel too weird about him and the circumstances and our strikingly different lives to pursue it. This with Robert was closer to what I wanted, someone that felt more like a peer, someone who writes and talked about it, someone who lives a few blocks from me.

He invited me to go with him and his friends to Fire Island with them next weekend, as he is going to have a house for the weekend and is getting a limo to drive them there (it being his birthday also). I am pretty certain I am going to take him on this offer. I really like Robert and am excited about having a sleepover with him in a couple of days. He is sweet and sexual and grabby and I am little smitten.

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