Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Anatomy Lesson

I woke up early this morning and did some typing for work. It was raining from when I woke up to just recently and the rain was nice, allowed for the emergence of a mood, of a sort of calm. In this rain, with the umbrella that the john left behind in my apartment when he stayed over, an umbrella that is probably mine for good now since I don't think I will see the guy again, I went uptown to the East Side Club where I got tested for STDs. As of three months ago, I was HIV negative, which was a relief to hear, and I should receive the results from my other tests in a couple weeks. I read Robert's script, wrote some emails, and finished Philip Roth's The Anatomy Lesson. I had the read the book before and only realized this about halfway through it. I didn't remember it at all, only would recognize it as something previously read when I came across certain sentences that I thought eloquent then and remembered having liked them.

Tomorrow, I am going to wake up early and do some typing for myself. Then some other tasks, gym and laundry among them, and maybe even some sewing. I am going to Fire Island on Friday for the weekend with Robert and his friends and that has me excited about the upcoming days.

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