Thursday, February 9, 2006

Alton Ellis

It keeps getting worse and worse and yet I cannot stop watching it, have become too invested in the plot, want to know what happens with them this week, next week. But this show is a trainwreck in slow motion. Each week, it gets worse and worse, more and more mindless. I am beginning to wonder if it was ever good. I am a little scared to go back and rewatch the first season of The OC, for fear that I might realize even that was not as good as I thought it was then.

Some boy died on last week's episode, one of those minor characters they introduce every month to stir up some drama, and who normally ends up leaving town just as quickly after causing trouble and making the show seem vaguely more exciting. When he fell off the cliff last week, I was hoping Ryan would fall off, too. And Marissa, also - even though she wasn't on the cliff, but was at the bottom of it. Maybe they could fall on top of her. And then Seth and Summer could have died somehow also. I really hate them all now and yet I cannot stop watching this show. The only characters I like are Sandy and Julie Cooper. Season 1 was so good. It was occasionally witty, often intelligent, and just more fun to watch. Seth wasn't cool yet. Ryan was still from the wrong side of the tracks. Now, it's disgusting. Seth and Summer are a self-satisfied boring couple. Same with Marissa and Ryan. People do not like being around dopey couples. I don't. And I sure as hell do not want to watch a show about them. It evokes that same discomfort I have when I watch people with no personality compensate for that by attaching another person to their side at all times. It is not good television.

My frustration with this show hit a new high this week when there was the most blatant product placement I have ever seen in a television show, one other than a reality show or a game show. There was a plotline about Victora's Secret underwear in this episode, with the catalog displayed, with bags from the store displayed, and then a mixup with the bags. And then during the commercial break, an ad for Victoria's Secret. This show sucks. What happened? I imagine that there will be a fourth season, which will surely continue the trend of increasing mindlessness, and I will not be there for that. I don't even want to be here for this third season, but I find it impossible not to watch.

The day started with masturbation, will probably end with it, and I wish I could tell you that there was something that happened in between. There is not. I listened to music, laid around the house, played on the internet, sort of looked for jobs, ate food, and read The New Yorker. My life. Today, the ninth day of February 2006. Tomorrow, another chance. I will do things worth telling you about. The tenth holds great promise.

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