Sunday, February 26, 2006

out on the streets they call it murder

I love cute boys and liquor, so I guess it should be no surprise that I really like cute boys that serve me liquor. The Hernan Bas and Virgil Marti shows were both really awesome. There was some other gallery that I don't remember except for the fact that the bartender was totally dreamy and he served me Cabernet Sauvignon and I wanted him to serve me other things.

We returned to the Bas opening because there were lots of pretty homos there, including the bartender, Grant, who served me generous cups of wine and who, I thought was dream dream dreamy. I signed the gallery's guestbook saying so, saying that I wanted to make out with him, and leaving my e-mail address.

There is a picture of him dressed as an elf on his MySpace page that I think is amazing. I want to make out with this boy and wish I had tried harder to talk to him. Maybe he will e-mail me and will make out forever and ever. Probably not, though - which is totally okay because life is amazing, just seeing cute boys and drinking wine and seeing good art and being with friends.

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