Thursday, February 16, 2006

God, today is beautiful. I was wearing a jacket, a light one earlier today when I was walking around town doing errands in preparation for my interview later this afternoon, and I had to take the jacket off because it is so warm and so sunny and so not February outside. Spring, Summer, I cannot wait for your arrival. We are going to have so much fun together.

And with copies of my resume printed and feeling prepared for my interview at the temp agency, I came home to eat some food, drink some coffee, and change into nice clothes. While enjoying my lunch, I started to write down the address of this temp agency, reading through the email that they had sent me. And rereading this email at noon, I saw that my interview was not at two like I was so certain of for some inexplicable reason, but at 11:30, that I had missed it. And I laughed and continued with my lunch, mildly relieved. I have a "trial work day" at some place in my neighborhood tomorrow, and then on Tuesday two more interviews, so I am not too worried about my missing the one today.

I got an email right before I started writing this alerting me that I had a new Friendster message from Matt. Of course, despite it being 2006, I got really excited as I logged into Friendster, however, I tried to clamp down on my excitement, knowing that it was probably just a mass Friendster message to alert people about his gay hip hop party at Alligator this Saturday. The message's title: "We Belong Together!"

I had to click on this, a message from this boy I have been pretty obsessed with for the past two years, a message with the title "We Belong Together," and I had to wait for the message to appear on my slow computer, imagining what this message might contain, only for it to fall far short of my brief daydreams that were enabled by the slow speed of an ageing Packard Bell. It was just an announcement about his party on Saturday. It is either absent-mindedness on his part or mean-spiritedness to include me in this mass mailing with that title. I am tending to think it was intentional. He's kind of a jerk.

There is lots of stuff coming up that I want to do, and I am waiting to deposit some checks and pay my rent to see how much, if any money, I have left over and which, if any, of these things I will be able to do. But these things include: Jaymay, Oakley Hall, and Dirty on Purpose tomorrow night at Northsix. Saturday: (Not Straight) Outta Compton at Alligator. Sunday: Mirror Mirror at Union Pool. Wednesday: The Ballet at Sin-e.

I also want to watch nothing but documentaires by Earl Morris and Werner Herzog and man, everytime, I watch a new movie, there are eight other ones that I want to see. You'd think that watching a lot would shrink the amount of movies on my need to see list, but the list just keeps on getting bigger and bigger when I want to see these other movies cited in criticisms of the films I have seen or want to. Last night, I started it off with Joe, watching Herzog's Little Dieter Needs to Fly, which is similar to Grizzly Man in that it is this unbelievable biography of a person that somehow is real, and also totally heartbreaking. I was continually shocked by this movie, laughing "Oh my God," finding it incredible that one person lived through all of this.

Um, more coffee and a trip to the bank! And fuck yeah, this weather is amazing! Jobs and interviews are for suckas!

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