Friday, February 3, 2006

I am rereading Slaphappy again with the intention of trying to write a review of it. If I don't do it by Monday, I am not going to. Reading it led to me hunting on EBay for a copy of Wrestlemania III, which I watched a long time ago, but want to see again, and bid on it and watched the auction for the last five minutes, refreshing about every ten seconds. Thirty seconds left to go and the video was still mine. Nine seconds left to go and I had been outbid. I tried rebidding, but the auction had already ended. It is probably for the best, and surely (maybe?) I can find some video store that still rents these old wrestling videos.

Wrestling means a lot to me, believe it or not. Up until middle school, I was way obsessed with WWF. My sister and I were both obsessed, and I mean obsessed with it. We went to two WWF events and subscribed to wrestling magazines. Reading this book about wrestling has made me think so much about my own childhood and why I was so into wrestling. I am going to talk about it this at some point, but not now. I have to pee, FYI.

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