Monday, February 13, 2006

I find this fascinating, answering this quiz about other people, and so if you find it fascinating also, you should pick six words to describe me so I can be neurotic and wonder how I am percieved.

Um, besides that, let's see. Caught up on all the back issues of The New Yorker I had lying next to my bed. Went to Walgreens in the snow, bought two things, stole one thing. Applied to a bunch of jobs and temp agencies. Listened to lots of music. Drank two strong cups of coffee. I have an interview at a temp agency on Thursday that apparently trademarked the phrase "Applicant-Centric". Ask me if I am excited about this and I might puke on you. The world of jobs is so stupid and corny. I can't believe human beings do these things, trademark such silly phrases and have a web page with cursive lettering and some thing that resembles an angel in the corner.

Besides that, I have "a hand on interview" on Friday doing data entry for a real estate web site that is really cool. Which means that I am to come in and work for the day, get paid, and see whether or not they like me. This job is in my neighborhood and I could walk to work. It starts at ten an hour, which is less than I would like to be making, but if I can walk to work, I really don't care. Plus benefits and free metrocard. The site is an awesome way to waste time. I found out my building was built in 1901! I am hoping that this job works out, because a job within walking distance would make me so incredibly happy, as would not having to work for a frilly temp agency that trademarks stupid nonphrases.

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