Monday, February 6, 2006

Total Destruction to Your Mind

Do you guys want to be me today? Glad to hear it! Here's all you have to do:

Download, or if you are really cool and already have a copy of it, play Swamp Dogg's "Total Destruction to Your Mind." Turn it up really fucking loud, play it over and over again, do total destruction to your ears, and dance around to the grocery store listening to it, dance around as you are cleaning your house, dance around as you are typing this.

Isn't my life awesome?


All right, occasionally I will let the song play past that one and listen to other Swamp Dogg songs. I know a decent amount about soul music, but somehow, had not only never heard Swamp Dogg, but never even heard of him. It's politicized soul music and it is awesome.

I gave my ipod to Jordan a week ago to put lots of his music on it and what a good decision that was. There are so many albums on here that I have to listen to. Aside from all those obvious new albums like the new B and S, Arctic Monkeys, and Love is All, there are so many bands on here that I have never even heard of, and I am so excited to hear them. Especially since there is the potential, the very good potential to come across treasures, sonic treasures that will do more total destruction to my mind. Excuse me while I rock out some more to this song, and while you do the same if you are earnestly doing the assignment.

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