Friday, March 28, 2008

From MTV Best of Mexico, the embarrassing travel guide to Mexico that I purchased today - deciding that with its "Partying" sections for each city and detailed info about gay things and cheap things that it would be more helpful than the Lonely Planet guide I had been considering also - some tips, true gems really, on saving "some pesos":

Tip #4: "Visit museums on Sundays or other free days: Many of Mexico's museums, like the Museo Nacional de Antropologia in Mexico City, are free on Sundays, so plan your time accordingly. Granted, museums here don't cost that much to begin with, but neither does beer. You do the math."

Tip #5: "Strategize your meals: Eat a large breakfast - it's the cheapest meal you can buy here - and then look for a late lunch at a comida corrida place to tide you over for most of the day. For dinner, you can simply have antojitos or snacks, and what you save can be contributed towards drinks."

I kind of love that this guide is geared toward binge drinking college kids. It's totally absurd and amazing in a way that I think is so great, but I am afraid the irony I partly enjoy it with is not understood, and is why I confessed to the person ringing up my purchase today that I was so embarrassed to be buying an MTV travel guide.

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