Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tomorrow night, I will fall asleep in London. I am really excited. I am also really tired and need to wake up in a short five and a half hours to make the journey to the Newark airport. The weather is getting nicer here, warmer. I watched a good play yesterday, U.S. Drag, and then after feeling weird around my friends, I went to Diego's house where I felt totally comfortable and vulnerable and unafraid of that. That's such a great feeling. The comfort I feel around him is so nice at this moment in my life. I would be a very sad person without it. We talked about how I cried the last time I slept over. We talked about other things. We talked about Peru.

This afternoon I pissed in a guy's mouth. This guy is someone I have known for years and is going to be in London at the same time I am. I am really glad that I saw him today, glad that I will probably now see him in London also. Some things are working out really well. Some things aren't.

I love classic rock and the soles of my feet are really dirty. That is a statement of fact, not symbolism.

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