Monday, March 31, 2008

The list of temp agencies in New York available to me gets smaller yet again. This morning, unsurprisingly given the thoughts I had about working last night, I decided that I actually did not need to work just yet, at least not at this job, and that I wasn't going to go, rolled back over into sleep, and that sleep, an escape from the working world, was such a pleasant sleep, running away from the world outside my closed eyes.

However, given freedom, I didn't put it to use. The onset of a cold occurred and so I spent most of my day in a fog looking at various things online, mostly though at Manhunt and at various sites about Mexico. I took a nap, attempted to do yoga, and ate a lot of food.

What will happen when I burn through all of these temp agencies? Maybe that will be the point at which I should move to another city. Maybe that will be the point at which I should actually seek a "real" job, meaning something I would enjoy and that a middle-aged staffing lady, surely someone's mom, didn't place me in. Despite my perhaps stupid behavior this morning, I actually think that I may apply at some other temp agencies later this week once this sickness resolves itself, that I actually should be saving more money than I currently am. I am going to be more assertive about working situations that I want, namely not accounting-related tasks, namely a 9-5 job as opposed to a 9-6 job, namely at least fifteen an hour, and if I am going to be so demanding, there is no harm in also trying to get placed with a job that is in walking distance of the L train.

Reasons for working (aka things I could purchase with extra cash) that I need to keep in mind next time I think about sleeping through a job include: glasses to replace the ones that my stoned ass lost in Amsterdam, nice backpack for Mexico, money to travel around Mexico, perhaps a trip to the dentist, perhaps TEFL certification classes, and perhaps trips and adventures to other places.

It has been drizzly all day, gray. It's spring. Showers supposedly bring forth flowers. I need to use this down time to bring forth some things. Tomorrow my day will be much different from this one with regards to productivity, sickness be damned. I need to start studying Spanish, need to get back into the habit of working out or yoga, need to write, and need to go somewhere pretty, need to get out of my house.

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