Friday, March 14, 2008

Lion candy bars are really good. In the drizzle of yesterday, I had two. My sweet tooth is going wild here, all these new candy bars I am unfamiliar with and want to try. Yesterday, I saw a lot of art and some pretty old churches. I went back to Tate Modern to see the Duchamp, Man Ray, and Picabia show with David's Tate card. I had never heard of Francis Picabia or seen his work for whatever reasons, but his stuff, especially his layered paintings and kitschy nudes, are fantastic. Duchamp has always bored me, and yesterday was no exception.

I went to the Temple Church and St. Paul's Cathedral yesterday, both really beautiful, particularly the latter, astoundingly so. I went to the National Portrait Gallery also, looking at all the old royals, vaguely remembering bits of tenth grade European history. Man, so many beautiful things to see here!

Last evening, I saw Cabaret with David, Toby, and this man from New York and his boy toy. It was kind of weird, the circumstances, but the musical itself was so fantastic, so much better than I was expecting. The last scene and the way that it was staged brought forth such interesting questions, making the audience complicit also in this decadent scene, of people too busy looking for distractions, sex, drugs, spectacle, to notice, to care, about other things.

Drinking on the street in Soho and then in this cute park in Shoreditch before again heading to Joiners Arms, this really lovely neighborhood gay bar that is basically the London version of the Metropolitan. Um, there is a lot on my agenda for today that I need to get to doing before this day escapes me anymore. Reflection might have to happen later. There is no time to write, to record these things and experiences, am instead too busy having them. Tomorrow morning, David and I are going to Amsterdam for a couple of days.

Today, I will try some new candy bars.

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