Friday, March 28, 2008

Last night, I made an obscene amount of money for sleeping over in some man's hotel room - far and away the most money I have ever made from a john. Tonight, with this money sitting in my bank account and after talking to Bonnie a lot, I bought a plane ticket to Mexico City and will be gone the entire month of July. The plan as I understand it is to spend a week in Mexico City and then to travel around to various areas, seeing the Pacific and the Gulf and spending time on the Yucatan and in Belize. I am so excited about this trip. I have for a long time daydreamed about moving to Mexico City, a city I have never been to, and so this trip will perhaps either dash my hopes, bring my fantasies of this city down to earth, or it will confirm my suspicions that this city is really amazing. I am really excited to see ruins and to spend time near water, to spend time on beaches, to spend time with Bonnie.

I had an interview at a temp agency yesterday to aide in my saving money for these desired trips I am dreaming about. The temp agency, despite their kind smiles and charm yesterday, did not return my call today. I had also been thinking about going to Europe in August, but given this Mexico trip and the expensiveness of flights to Europe during that month, that imagined trip is seeming more and more unlikely. And because it is, that is making me more and more think about going to Beltaine at Short Mountain at the end of April, however getting there does not seem the easiest feat.

Buying that plane ticket felt so good. Now I am committed to this thing that had been just a plan and now know for sure that I will be in Mexico from July 1-31 and that I need to start planing accordingly. I can now also commence a new level of giddiness.

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