Sunday, December 1, 2002


I am tired, but that is a good thing. This is not the lazy tiredness of usual, but the that was a good day's work tiredness - where I have exhausted myself with the activities of the day and am ready to go to bed, to wake up early tomorrow (eight maybe?) and live another productive day. This is a good feeling, and a feeling that is buoyed by good news, by lucky coincidence.

I woke up this morning at six to catch my eight o' clock flight out of DC, got there and they were overbooked and looking for passengers who would give up their seats. I decided why not?, that I was in no rush to get back to Sarasota and that I could get some travel vouchers out of it. I got $400 in travel vouchers AND got to ride in first class!!! Fucking rock n roll! It was such a good thing, a lucky moment, where I felt that fate was on my side in a major way, that the day was going to go my way, that life was, that everything was going to be this bright, this full of luck.

And yeah, I had to wait around National Airport for two hours, and I had to wait around Atlanta for four hours. But it was totally worth it. In Atlanta, while I was trying to read Anna Karenin, Matt Ramsey came and sat next to me, and started chatting. I had never talked to him in my life, but his company was a decent way to pass the time - his conversation was actually really amusing. We went and got beers to help the four hours pass and I got him to talk about the New College homo scene, which was a really fun conversation in which I found out lots of gossip and exchanged some too. Much more fun than Tolstoy and the sound of Headline News in the background.

I got on the flight, drank a lot more beer since I was in first class and I had to take advantage of the free drinks, had to live it up as they say, and made my way at a couple hundred miles an hour to Florida, to Sarasota, to here, to my house where I am now writing this. Being drunk on a plane is such a funny experience, making the flight fly by. Get it? Flight? Fly? Yeah, scratch that bit of nonsense. I was feeling bold and was seriously considering making my way back to coach and asking Matt to come to the bathroom since he had joked about wanting to join the mile high club. I didn't though, I was too scared since it would look very weird for me to wander all the way back to coach.

When we were waiting for our luggage, I told him about my never executed idea and he thought it was funny. I came home, went to a dinner at the Leeta Lane house where I felt more than a little uncomfortable, finally escaped to come back home and be boring, be domestic, and doodle hearts around pictures of boys I still have crushes on. And now, sleep calls.

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