Sunday, December 15, 2002

let's play

Eugene came over a couple days ago, and I ate dinner with him, and chatted with him. Talked with him. Conversation is a fun thing with people you have never talked to. Resorting to conversation about crushes and whatnot seems a little inappropriate given the newness of the acquaintance. So, we talked, and it was fucking pretty fun for the rareness of the occurence, and one thing we talked about was the feeling of blah that I oftentimes have, where I don't really do anything with my time, but think that I should and spend a decent amount of time going over why or why I do not utlize my creative powers. For example, this entry right here.

And his advice was simple. So fucking simple. Get out and do things. Don't consume too much (books, movies, internet), but produce. And I walked to Ringling yesterday, went and looked at the circus museum, and felt the fucking rush of life, thought that I needed to incorporate the big top, all three plus rings of it into my everyday life. I biked downtown last night, and back with bread tied all over my bike - and that's what I need to be doing. Things. And the biggest hindrance to this for me is this right here, this internet thing. And so, since school is out and I really don't need to communicate with people through e-mail anymore, I am resolving to not use the internet until school starts again. Feburary, hopefully? I've made similar resolutions before and never really followed through with them, but this time I have my fingers crossed.

Let's do stuff, things. I am in Sarasota until this Thursday. My phone number is 941.351.4370. After that, I am going to be in the DC suburbs at my mommy's house until Jan. 2. Number there is 703.541.0846. Then back to SRQ. Let's rock n roll. It could be fun.

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