Thursday, December 19, 2002

school schmool

In eleven hours, I am flying out of this town, moving on for a few weeks or so to Virginia. And coming back to Florida. And I am dropping out of school. There are reasons. I have to get my life on as they say. More to follow. Right now I have to get my drink on with Jamie.

So no school next semester. Sort of sad, sometimes even happy, excited about the prospects lying ahead. Goals for the next few days:

-figure all this out

-figure out a plan for saving up money and moving to ny

-continuing the i am on fire writing project, devote myself to art, to writing, work on my technique a lot, become good

-start a rock band with rebecca, the drop outs

-fucking listen to lots of bruce springsteen and live live live

-finish new dave eggers novel

-and yeah yeah yeah, laugh my way through it all.

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