Tuesday, July 27, 2004

a carrot stick

It was in the same interview that she said she was "so over instruments."

Speaking to America's W magazine about the album, the Icelandic singer described it as "rootsy" adding: "I wanted the record to be like muscle, blood, flesh.

"We could be in a cave somewhere and one person would start singing, and another person would sing a beat and then the next person sing a melody, and you could just kind of be really happy in your cave."

I have again spent my morning listening over and over again to "Triumph of a Heart." It is cloudy, about to rain, and the door handle has fallen off the front door to our building (yet again), but my brothers and sisters, it is anything but a bad morning. It is amazing. I have spilled coffee all over my computer after I almost choked to death. I woke up later than I wanted to. I got another call from my hysterical aunt. I had to go to the bodega that I hate because it was sprinkling and I didn't want to walk too far in the wetness. But, it has been an amazing morning. There is this new Bjork song to keep me happy. The full album hits stores August 30, and it is a date that I look forwad to.

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