Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Today's indie rock star encounter happened in my subway stop while I was waiting for the train to approach. Adam Green (of Moldy Peaches and solo fame) stood next to me to wait for the train. I pretended not to know who he was and continued to stare into space. Covertly, however, peeking at him. The train came. I sat in one of those two person seaters, and he sat next to me. He read The Little Prince and I looked at the illustrations over his shoulder, trying to remember the parts of the story.

Today, I got sent to pick up my boss's Viagra prescription. A roach just touched my toe. Niki may or may not move into the apartment downstairs. I find out tomorrow. I talked to Peter, half jokingly about moving to Mexico City with him. I am slightly hungry but know it is bad to eat right before you go to bed, but I think I may have to risk getting fat because there is leftover Chinese food in my fridge that is yummy.

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