Sunday, July 25, 2004

In an either very poor or wise purchase, last night, hungry and with old memories in my head, I bought one of those five dollar pizzas at Little Caesars on 14th Street. This leaves me with six dollars and whatever spare change I can find in my room until Thursday to eat. When I was walking home with this big pizza box, I passed a couple, and once I had put some distance between us, the girl said to her boyfriend, "I haven't had Little Caesar's since I was a kid." And boom, with those words, I relived major portions of my childhood, ones not thought of too often. Like waiting with my mom and sister at Beacon Mall about once a week to get pizza from Little Caesar's, when they still made those double square pizzas. I thought back to grungy Route One, and Beacon Mall with its four screen dollar theater, which was already dated when I was a kid, was part of that mid-70s boom in four screens in tiny malls. The mall got tore down a few years ago and has since turned into a strip mall with a Loews, Hair Cuttery, and Starbucks.

Jaymay has just woke up on the couch behind me, probably due somewhat to me here typing and so this nostalgia trip is going to be cut short. There were big plans for it. But, it winds up like this, I am broke, terribly so, and will be working every day until I die, or at least the next couple weeks. There is other news, too. But that will have to wait.

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