Saturday, July 10, 2004

Last night, I went and saw a few bands play at Northsix: Willpower, Cazwell, and Gravy Train. All queer acts. By the time Gravy Train finally played, I had consumed nine beers, cut the tip of my finger on one of them, danced to the other bands, and eaten a doughnut. In the bar before they played, Hunx stopped me and asked me if he knew me. I was pretty excited that he recognized me from being at just two of his other shows many months ago. I told him that I had been to a few shows before and that I am the boy that always tries to make out with him. That elicited laughs from the whole Train.

I am not really that into their music anymore. I think it is weak on so many levels, but I went because they are a fun band to get drunk and dance to. Their set indeed did prove to be fun music to dance to. At some point, Hunx jumped out to where I was and I got to dance with/molest him for a bit. The set ended and the girl next to me wanted more music, and I suggested she just go backstage and hang out with them. This girl who I didn't know said, "Want to?" And soon, without Peter or Joe or Niki (because I was really drunk and did not notice or care that they had left), with some random girl I headed backstage. There was an open seat on a bench in between Hunx and JD from Le Tigre. And do you think with nine beers in my system, I had any reservation about plopping down between these little hipster rock celebs?

Good answer. I sat there and found out that the new Le Tigre album is coming out in October, and Hunx said it had a totally different sound. The adjectives he used to describe it, I cannot remember. JD soon left but not before praising Hunx and Gravy Train for such a long time, complimenting them, telling them how much she loves them, and pointing to the Gravy Train button she was wearing as evidence. I talked to Hunx about something or other until Niki came in and occupied the space where JD had been. I tried to ignore Niki and focus on the object of my desire, but I was unsuccessful. I talked to Niki and Hunx started to talk to some friend. Niki and I left after saying good-bye to the good humored female members of Gravy Train (is it Drunx and Funx?), and met up with Peter and Joe again outside. And for whatever reasons (death wish, maybe?), I went and had more beer at Metropolitian with Peter.

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