Saturday, July 10, 2004

Oh my god. I just checked my bank account balance online to see that my account has about twice as much money as I thought it had in it. So, I told the payroll people that I wanted to end direct deposit last week after too many problems with it, and they said okay. So this Friday, I went and picked up a paycheck for 230.60 and deposited it. Looking online just now, I saw that there was also a deposit from the Strand for 230.60!!!

What does this mean? Surely, this is something that I am sure the payroll department will notice when they see that two checks for the identical amount were deposited by me. Will they demand the money back when they notice it? Will they just take it out of my paycheck? Or, what if they don't notice? If they do notice, it will be one more reason for them to hate me.

I am fairly convinced the managers hate me because of my lack of work ethic (always wanting to leave early, occasional tardiness, etc.), and want to get rid of me. Today, they seemed visibly angry when I asked to leave work today a short hour and a half after getting there at three. I felt like I was going to throw up every time I moved and so spent most of that time at work, resting my head against bookshelves and thinking of how much I wanted to lie down. I came home and slept slept slept and now feel so much better. I also felt better that I got paid twice, but now that glee has been lost to worries about whether or not they will notice this.

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