Saturday, July 3, 2004

Do not mumble things under your breath as retail employees walk away from you, especially Strand retail employees. They will not take it. Earlier today, some woman was sprawled out with her fat ass all over a stack of books I needed to shelve. I kindly said, "Excuse me." She moved for a second to let me get books and then plopped her ass down again, and then when I walked away, mumbled something. I swiveled around, pissed that someone was being so passive, and said, "Excuse me, what did you say?" A little flustered, she said, "Your welcome," implying that I should have said Thank you. This is about where I lost it. She then started to talk about common courtesy, trying to act kind and saying she was just reminding that it was nice to say "Please" and "Thank you." I told her what common courtesy was and what she actually meant, told her that it was the epitome of incourteous to obstruct an aisle for everyone else and then when asked politely to let me by, then to feel so entitled, so privleged that she should demand a thank you for moving her fat ass off a stack of books where it did not belong. This went on for about five minutes. She kept on trying to just go back to reading her books, but I would not quit. I was fucking pissed. She finally left and told me I was being rude.

Later in the day, an old gay man told me he had noticed my hands while I was shelving and that they were so nice and long. He asked to see them, he pressed my right hand against his left hand, and mine was bigger than his. He held it to his hand a little too long for my comfort, the perv, and I pulled it away, happy and slightly turned on that some dirty, old man wanted to touch my hand.

I left work early to watch the sunset at Pier 54, and if you ever get down, or start to doubt what this life has to offer, do this, go watch the sunset, and you will be reminded of so much. This I must do more often.

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