Thursday, January 20, 2005

All right, I am at work and I just got my paycheck and I am doing some math in my head, realizing that when I deposit this check, I will get out of the red and have somewhere around five dollars in my bank account. Dara owes me forty for bills, and so I will have about forty five dollars to survive off until I get my next paycheck in two weeks. This would not be such a problem if my metrocard were not expiring in four days and if my cellphone was not going to get turned off in a similar amount of time. I could always sell some books and get maybe ten dollars for books I will be sorry I sold as soon as I get my paycheck.

But what I am really thinking about to get money is trying to do some sex work via Craigslist. I was reading in this week's "Pucker Up" about a woman who does this, and I have always wanted to do sex work and why not now, that I am dead broke. I am really excited about this and wish I weren't at work so I could look at other people's ads on Craigslist and think more about this whole thing. While updating my livejournal and generally wasting all kinds of time online is okay, crusing the sex ads is most definitely not okay, so that will have to wait until I get home. Oh yeah, and I am going to try to work a double tonight. I am hoping to make it until at least three. I brought lots of music. I have quarters for coffee. I can do this.

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