Friday, January 28, 2005

oh yeah

As Joe just pointed out in his diary, Queer Karoake starts Feb 8 and every Tuesday thereafter at Metropolitan. I am so excited. I hope to see all of you there. I also think it is really funny that just about every bar in Williamsburg now has at least one karaoke night - why was the gay bar the last one to hop on this trend?

I got my glasses fixed after I sat on them while masturbating yesterday. The sky was so nice and blue today and I actually enjoyed the cold weather, felt like I could live here in it for a long time. I had no desire to move away today when I was backing from Walgreens. I ran into someone I knew on the street, said hello, kept walking, the sky was so blue, I saw the BQE looming ahead, Manhattan behind it, and I felt really good, felt like I belonged in this cold weather. As long as the sky is blue, I don't think I really mind what how many negative degrees it is with wind chill factored in.

PS - Guess who wrote this?

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